Martial arts club "Seiikai" is the official representative of Yufukan Ukraine in Kharkiv. The group is supervised and certified by Takashi Kuroki Sensei (6 dan Aikido, 5 dan Iaido, 5 dan Jodo).

We practice Aikido and Iaido according to the original system of master Shoji Nishio. These martial arts are studied in a comprehensive manner, in accordance with the method developed by Nishio-Sensei.

In Aikido, the direction of master Shoji Nishio an important feature is the direct relationship of movements in unarmed techniques with techniques that use traditional Japanese weapons (sword, staff) and an emphasis on learning and understanding this relationship. One of the key elements of the system is Iaido (the art of wielding a sword - katana).

Practicing Aikido gives you the opportunity to acquire self-defense and self-insurance skills, to become more confident, to improve coordination and endurance, to calm and adequate respond to various stressful situations, to get closer to amazing Japanese culture!

We invite everyone to join Japanese martial arts classes!



Illia Shein

3 dan Aikido Aikikai

3 dan Nishio-ryu Toho Iaido


The official representative of Yufukan Ukraine in Kharkiv, a member of the Yufukan Japan Foundation and the Aikikai Foundation.

Practicing Japanese martial arts since 2007. He has been teaching Aikido and Iaido since 2012. He studies and improves his level under the leadership of Oksana Vladimirovna Tsukanova-Kapitulskaya (3 dan Aikido Aikikai, 3 dan Toho Iaido), and also Takashi Kuroki (6 dan Aikido Aikikai, Shidoin, 5 dan Toho Iaido, 5 dan Jodo). The participant of seminars and master-classes of leading teachers of Yufukan, such as Koji Yoshida (7 dan Aikido Aikikai, shihan, 7 dan Toho Iaido, 6 dan Musoshinden-ryu Iaido, Iaido Renshi) and Takashi Kuroki.





Kharkiv, 50 Plekhanivska str. (subway station "Metrobudivnykiv" / "Sportyvna")

Group for adults: Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 9:15 pm; Saturday from 5:00 pm to 6:45 pm

+38 (097) 452-47-13